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shewolfoflondon's Journal

She-Wolf of London
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She-Wolf of London LJ Community

Beautiful American grad student Randi Wallace (Kate Hodge, "Fringe") never suspected that traveling to England to study with handsome mythology professor Ian Matheson (Neil Dickson, Beowulf) would change her life forever. While conducting research on the misty and mysterious English moors, Randi is attacked and bitten by a werewolf. Now cursed to transform into a bloodthirsty werewolf during every full moon, the two must find a way to save her. Follow their adventures from London to L.A. as they search for a cure, battle supernatural forces and the romantic feelings they have for one another.

1990, 1990s, 1991, american, arthur cox, aunt elsa, beth charkham, beyond the beyond, bog man, brian morgan, california, chains, christopher tucker, cirus, curse, cursed, dad matheson, dead man, diane youdale, dorothea phillips, england, english moors, full moon, grad student, ian matheson, ian/randi, jean challis, john briggs, julian matheson, kate hodge, kevin westley, legends, london, los angeles, love, love & curses, love and curses, lycan, lycanthropy, matthew sharp, mike higgins, monsters, moonlight, moors, mte, mum matheson, mythology, neil dickson, occult, paul aviles, professor ian matheson, randi wallace, randi/ian, scott fults, she-devil, she-wolf, she-wolf of london, steve levine, sucubus, supernatural, teacher/student, teacher/student relationship, the juggler, the unexplained, voodoo, werewolf, wild hunt, wolf, zombies